The OCOV® mask is available for private individuals.



Reusable and sustainable mask with ultimate protection.

100% made in Europe.



more ecological

months protection time


The war of masks: the return!

SEASON 3: it’s here!

DGS recommendation January 2021:

  • AFNOR Mask Cat.2 = NO.
  • AFNOR Mask Cat.1 > 90% = YES.

Reminder of OCOV® protection :

  • OCOV Mask MD Cat.1 > 99.9%

FFP2: Why filter balls when you want to stop balloons?

Double masking: it’s pointless!

To read: here!


Be protected and protect the others

OCOV® designers focussed on protection factor, and essential functionalities such as voice transmission, no mist on glasses, high breathability and comfort.
  • Cheaper

Less than 0.35€/day.

After 100 uses, use filter consumables (less than 0.20€/day).

The cost for one year protection is less than 90€, cost for one month less than 8€.

Download the calculator to evaluate the money you will spare :

  • Environmentally friendly

– 23 times less waste, life time of the reusable mask more than 5 years.

– Less volume, less transport costs, optimized life cycle.

  • Ideal solution for stockpiling
  1. The 5 years shelf life.
  2. Local manufacturing, reactivity and high capacity (1 million/month).
  3. Autonomy during the 100 first days of the crisis.
  4. Warehouse volumes reduced by 15.
  • Best protection

Compared to face filters, facial inward leakage is significantly reduced.

Filters available in Medical Device class1, type 2 (99,9 % microbes filter efficiency).

P2 filters available for particulate threats and industry.

The following links present:

  • CE marking according to Medical Device class 1 (Type 2, ultimate level).
  • The results of the masks tested by the DGE/DGA (company name: ” OUVRY “), as an alternative category 1 mask.

The OCOV® mask is an FM type respirator protection mask (face mask). It includes a soft facial piece covering the nose, mouth and chin, and comes with filters.

It is composed of :

  • A flexible plastic skirt, easy to clean, ergonomically designed and tested to be worn for several hours without discomfort.
  • A flexible internal half mask which ensures optimal airtightness with the wearer’s face
  • Two head and neck straps.
  • A filter, which protects against particles and aerosols.
  • A grid and a cap to hold the filter.

OCOV® mask – kit with 100 filters cat. 1

Réf : 100011AD-U

1 mask + 1 bag of 100 non reusable filters cat.1

OCOV® mask – kit with 100 filters P2

Réf : 100011AE-U

1 mask + 1 bag of 100 non reusable filters P2

Bag of 100 OCOV® NR filters

Non reusables – cat 1

Réf : 111015AA-U

Bag of 100 OCOV® NR filters

Non reusables – P2

Réf : 111017AA-U


Masks delivered

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