Why using the OCOV® mask?

The OCOV® mask is recommended for anyone looking for protection from FMP1-level particles, dust and liquid aerosols. The OCOV® mask is compatible with the wearing of personal protective equipment such as helmets and glasses and does not cause fog on glasses.

Does the OCOV® mask contain latex?

No, the OCOV mask does not contain latex and is therefore quite suitable for people allergic to latex.

Does the OCOV® mask prevent or reduce the voice transmission?

No, the OCOV® mask does not reduce the voice.

How can we order the OCOV® mask?

Please fill in the online form available in the “CONTACT” section..

How many times can we use the OCOV® mask?

The OCOV® mask is delivered with 100 filters. It can therefore be used 100 times. Duration of use of the filter before disinfection: maximum one day. Then, consumables filters can be used with the same OCOV® mask.

How to store the OCOV® mask?

The OCOV® mask and filters have a 5 years lifetime from the manufacturing date indicated on the mask skirt and the filter packaging bag. Once opened, the mask and filters must be stored in a clean, dry, moisture-proof location at a temperature between -20°C to +40°C. For transport and storage, use the provided individual packaging.

How do I throw away my mask?

Contaminated products must be considered hazardous waste and disposed of in accordance with national DASRI regulations. Do not throw filters into nature. Please dispose of used or expired uncontaminated plastic components in sorting bins. The OCOV® mask has been eco-designed to be economical and sustainable, reducing its environmental impact: less volume, less transport, less waste compared to disposable masks.

What is the protection level of the OCOV® mask?

The OCOV® mask is a Medical Device MD, class1, type 2. It protects the wearer against particles, dust and aerosol spray. The soft facial part follows the shape of the face and thus minimizes the rate of leakage inwards. The OCOV® mask provides a good seal between the ambient atmosphere and the wearer’s face (whether his skin is dry or wet and when he moves his head). Filtration efficiency is more than 99,9%.

Do I have to shave to use this mask?

We recommend you shave your beard to ensure a good seal of the mask against the skin.

What is the maintenance protocol for the OCOV® mask?

Apply an alcohol spray or a virucide solution cleaning cloth (for example 0.5% a.c. bleach: 1 L of 2.6% bleach in 4 L of cold water, or any other virucide cleaning cloth according to EN14476) after possible cleaning by soaking the mask in soapy water for very dirty masks (blood, secretions, grease, …). It is recommended to disinfect the mask (skirt, inner half mask, grid, cap and straps) after each use. Contraindications mask: no heat treatment >80° C, no hydroalcoholic gel, no UV treatment, no ultrasonic bath treatment.

With which filters can I use the OCOV® mask?

The OCOV® mask should only be worn with the specific OCOV® filters manufactured by OUVRY. No other filters should be used with the OCOV® mask.