What are the differences between a conventional vaccine and a messenger RNA vaccine?

Vaccine has never been in the news so much It must be admitted that if the scientists had wanted to sabotage their research work they would not have done it otherwise. Well helped moreover by poor communication on the part of politicians and by the continuous news channels always…

Hands up! What are the gloves for ?

Gloves, whose origin goes back to antiquity, are elements of hand protection; handling (against abrasion), protection against heat or cold (firefighters, metallurgists, welders), protection against chemical or biological products (chemical industry, laboratories), against CBRN threats, against cuts (butchers). They are therefore personal protective equipment (PPE). As far as…

Lockdown and Adrien Proust (1834-1903)

At a time when containment is being debated, I would like to talk to you about Adrien Proust? The story goes that Adrien Proust is certainly less well known than his son Marcel (“in search of lost time”), or even his wife Jeanne Proust, a loving mother who played…

Vaccines against covid-19

The Covid-19 outbreak brings us into the mysterious world of vaccines. It has to be said that an effective vaccine against the Sars-Cov-2 virus would be of great use in the fight against the new coronavirus. By the way: What is a vaccine? An “antigen” or, better yet, an…

Standars and efficiency of masks: it's all a question of size!

There are now many protections against Covid-19. Especially as these masks meet different standards which criteria do not always correspond.

Ouvry explains!

A disease outbreak? And then ...

We have followed together the evolution of the Covid-19 epidemic as well as the possible and necessary means of protection to protect oneself correctly (various masks, means of disinfection, possible treatments, …). But what happens now ?

Find the answer in our article by following this post!

The history of medical masks: Why did we switch from reusable to disposable masks? Was it the right choice?

The Covid-19 pandemic appears to be subsiding. For us scientists, it has revealed a very large number of lessons: how to deal with such an emerging virus?

  • What pathogenicity? (a flue or very serious disease?) ;
  • what treatment (hydroxychloroquine, paparacetamol, remdesivir…?);
  • reliability of the viral diagnostic test (30% false negatives);
  • “…”

How to measure the real efficiency of a respiratory protection mask?

The purpose of a mask is to prevent particles in the external environment from entering the respiratory tract. Its effectiveness is measured by the ratio between the amount of particles present on the outside of the mask and those that have entered the inside.

The less the particles penetrate, the more effective the mask is.

Read more in our article :

  • the measurement of the facial leakage,
  • the various filtration devices,
  • the efficiency measures of our OCOV® mask
  • as well as bibliographical references.

In case of : Change

Controlling a respiratory virus epidemic requires both material and strategic resources. The material means :

  • Masks capable of both preventing the virus from being projected into the atmosphere when sneezing, coughing or simply speaking (sputtering) .
  • Virological tests to identify positive subjects for a double purpose …

Treatments against Covid-19

What are different treatments currently being tested and potentially able to stop the disease progression  in humans?

Read about the disease, and strategies to inhibit the virus.


How to disinfect Covid-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic is spreading inexorably across the planet and nearly 3 billion people are confined.

As in any epidemic, the physical elimination of the micro-organism by disinfection is part of the measures to protect oneself.

What disinfection measures are applicable to COVID-19?

The Covid-19 pandemic

An article that puts a bit of order in all the information about this new coronavirus.

Four human coronaviruses are responsible for the second cause of respiratory tract infections (colds) after rhinoviruses: HCoV-229E, HCoV-NL63, HCoV-OC43, HCoV-HKU1. These are “seasonal” viruses…

The coronavirus, a biological weapon ? FAKE NEWS

While the authorities of all countries are mobilized to halt the progression of Covid-19, information has already been circulated implicating China in the preparation of a possible biological weapon.

The article on the Ouvry website dissects the genesis of this fake news, which may have added concern to the already existing anxiety about a phenomenon difficult to control.

Coronaviruses explained

Coronaviruses belong to the family Coronaviridae.

Discover their origins, their pathogenic powers, the associated respiratory syndromes and much more in the article coronaviruses proposed on the Ouvry website.